WarnerBrothers TCMV1000095762DVD - Factory sealed DVD. Van helsing, a friend of Harker's. Eventually, though, Krempe refuses to help with Frankenstien's human experiments. Once awaken from the grave, the parched prince only has one thing on his mind, the yummy taste of blood which he fiendishly extracts from the local maidens. However, he is drawn back into the plot when Frankenstein's creature kills a member of the house staff.

Brandt so that hi sbrain may be used in Dr. At first, both men are fascinated by the potential of their re-animating experiments. Instead of having a lab assistant to do his dirty work, this Dr. Though a little weak in plot, eerie sets, dracula Has Risen from the Grave still comes off as a strong vampire film, delivering the goods on the gothic visuals, and Lee's performance.

TCM Greatest Classic Film Collection: Hammer Horror Horror of Dracula / Dracula Has Risen from the Grave / The Curse of Frankenstein / Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed - This one's a british version from 1969 with a more heartless version of the mad scientist. Rob bracco the curse of frankenstein in this re-telling of the classic horror tale, Baron Victor Frankenstein becomes friends with one of his teachers, Paul Krempe. The revengeful vampire leaves his dark abode to prey on the family of his attacker's fiancee.

. Horror of dracula jonathan Harker, a student of vampires, ventures to Dracula's castle and attacks him. Frankenstein's experiments.

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The Hammer Horror Series Brides of Dracula / Curse of the Werewolf / Phantom of the Opera / Paranoiac / Kiss of the Vampire / Nightmare / Night Creatures / Evil of Frankenstein

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment 29085010 - Shrink-wrapped. Hammer films, one of the most celebrated horror studios in the history of cinema, presents 8 classic horror films in one collection. From dracula to frankenstein, werewolves to phantoms, the Hammer Horror Series 8-Film Collection showcases some of the most terrifying monsters in the history of cinema and features legendary performances by Peter Cushing, Oliver Reed and Janette Scott.

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Hammer Film Collection: Volume 1

Mill Creek Ent - Actors: christopher lee, peter cushing, susan strasberg, anamorphic, Terence Howard Directors: Various Format: Multiple Formats, Paul Massie, NTSC Language: English Region: Region 1 U. S. Read more about DVD formats. And Canada only. Number of discs: 2 rated: unrated studio: mill creek Entertainment DVD Release Date: August 18, 2015 Run Time: 444 minutes Shrink-wrapped.

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The Mummy

WarnerBrothers 2232281 - Starring two horror legends -- Peter Cushing"Star Wars" and Christopher Lee. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Mummy, the 1959 dvdwhen three english archaeologists find the tomb of an Egyptian highpriestess -- buried nearly four thousand years before -- they discover a guard who had been buried alive with her.

Rising in anger, the mummysets out to destroy the despoilers of the tomb of the sacred princess in this cult horror film.

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4 Film Favorites: Draculas Dracula A.D. 1972, Dracula Has Risen from the Grave, Horror of Dracula, Taste the Blood of Dracula

WarnerBrothers 117426 - 1972> shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. 4 film favorites: draculas dbl dvdhorror of Dracula Dracula Has Risen From The Grave Taste The Blood of Dracula Dracula A. D. Shrink-wrapped.

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Volume Two - 6 Films - Hammer Film Collection

Mill Creek Entertainment - Creatures the world forgot 1971 starring: julie ege, robert john set in the Stone Age, Brian O'Shaughnessy, Tony Bonner, this singular film has almost no dialogue - the people speak in grunts - but it is strangely effective. Shrink-wrapped. But he didn't plan for his suspicious stepdaughter in this kill or be killed thriller! never take candy From a Stranger 1960 Starring: Gwen Watford, Niall MacGinnis A serious and horrifying chiller about a small town terrorized by an elderly child molester luring young girls into his mansion with sweets, Patrick Allen, Felix Aylmer, but no official will stop the perverse man because of his powerful family until it's too late.

The snorkel 1958 starring: Peter van Eyck, Betta St. John, mandy miller, grégoire Aslan Paul Decker arranges the perfect murder of his wife. Shrink-wrapped. Lightly drugging her into unconsciousness, he then seals the room and fills it with gas appearing to be a suicide while he hides beneath the floorboards using a diving snorkel to breath air from the outside.

Volume Two - 6 Films - Hammer Film Collection - Trefoile is not the loving mother she had anticipated, but rather a grieving psychopath who blames Pat for the death of her son. Under the guise of charity work, this time transplanting Fritz's brain into his latest creation: a normal, he continues his gruesome experiments, healthy body. Die! die! my darling! 1965 starring: tallulah bankhead, peter vaughan, Donald Sutherland Young Pat Carroll Powers goes to the home of her dead fiancé to meet his beloved mother, Stefanie Powers, Mrs.

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Hammer Film Double Feature: The Revenge of Frankenstein / The Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb Blu-ray Import

Mill Creek Entertainment - The curse of the mummy's tomb1964 - color - 81 minutes - not ratedstarring: terence Morgan, Fred Clark, Ronald Howard, Jeanne Roland, George Pastell, Jack Gwillim An American showman and financier disrupts the coffin of a mummified pharoah and finds it empty. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. For more than four decades, science fiction, Hammer Films unique blend of horror, thrills and comedy dominated countless drive-ins and movie theaters.

Enjoy this impeccable collection from the darkest corners of the hammer imagination! The Revenge of Frankenstein1958 - Color - 90 Minutes - Not RatedStarring: Peter Cushing, Francis Matthews, Eunice Gayson, Michael Gwynn Peter Cushing reprises his famous role as Baron Victor Frankenstein in this horror classic.

Hammer Film Double Feature: The Revenge of Frankenstein / The Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb Blu-ray Import - The mummy has escaped to fulfill the dreadful prophesy and exact a violent and bloody revenge on all those who defiled his final resting place. Shrink-wrapped. Rescued from the guillotine by his devoted crippled assistant Fritz, the Baron relocates and becomes Dr. Stein. Under the guise of charity work, this time transplanting Fritz's brain into his latest creation: a normal, he continues his gruesome experiments, healthy body.

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Hammer Horror 8-Film Collection Blu-ray

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. The chilling movies produced by the Hammer Films studio have been scaring audiences worldwide for decades with their use of ominous and supernatural elements which foretold the coming of doom. Featuring brides of dracula, the kiss of the vampire, Nightmare, The Phantom of the Opera, The Curse of the Werewolf, Paranoiac, Night Creatures and The Evil of Dr.

Relive the chilling fear with some of their best classic stories in the Hammer Horror 8-Film Collection showcasing monsters that helped shape the modern day characters we love to be frightened by today. Frankenstein, it's absolutely a must have for the house of Hammer horror collector! Shrink-wrapped.

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Vincent Price: 6 Movie Collector's Edition – Digitally Remastered

TGG Direct B00KMJBQFC - Amazon. Com's standard return policy will apply. Inside, during the great masque which crowns the prince's entertainment, all is revelry and cruelty until, the "Red Death" enters the dance and the guests succumb to the plague. One by one. Shrink-wrapped. Phibes: a doctor, and biblical scholar, scientist, organist, Dr.

Anton phibes, seeks revenge on the nine doctors he considers responsible for his wife's death. Scream and scream again: A serial killer who drains his victims for blood is on the loose in London. When the police follow him to a house owned by an eccentric scientist, a sinister plot is uncovered. Madhouse: after suffering a nervous breakdown, a washed–up horror–film actor agrees to do a TV–series based on his old screen creation, the monstrous "Dr.

Vincent Price: 6 Movie Collector's Edition – Digitally Remastered - Based on the classic tale by Edgar Allan Poe. When sold by Amazon. Com, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. Now totally insane, he embarks on a path of grisly murders. Valdemar based on the works of the master horror writer, Edgar Allan Poe. The pit and the pendulum: don medina slowly goes crazy because he thinks his wife was buried alive a plot between his wife and her lover to get his money.

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The Satanic Rites of Dracula

Alpha Video - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. The 700-year-old count is dead and living in London with his vampire bride; Van Helsing gets him. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

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The Vampire Lovers Blu-ray

Shout! Factory 26516650 - A female vampire with lesbian tendencies ravages the young girls and townsfolk of a peaceful hamlet in eighteenth century Europe who, years earlier, killed off her fellow vampires. Adapted from J. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. A rousing hunt for the vampiress ensues as a group of men follow her bloody trail of terror through the countryside.

Now this ’rather erotic hammer chiller’ leonard maltin appears on Bluray for the first time… If you dare, come into a twilight world of unspeakable horror and taste the deadly passion of the blood-nymphs! Shrink-wrapped. Sheridan le fanu's novella "carmilla, " The Vampire Lovers stars Ingrid Pitt, George Cole and Peter Cushing.

The Vampire Lovers Blu-ray - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

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